Bonding Over Bloody Bedtime Stories

“Well, you know that I am a murderer…of sorts, and you would still want this?”  He had asked, and in return she had offered,

“And you know that the last time that I lay in bed with a man, it was not, in fact, a good time for him.  Actually, he thought that it was just prior to him bleeding out and, well, you know the rest…”

Oddly, these confessions among others had served as bonds in what would become the most unexpected and yet most welcome union.

“So, “Ana had grinned at him and then asked, “Just for clarity, of course.  Are we now a ‘thing’?”

And Tindomiel had chuckled at that and messed her hair playfully with his hand, answering,

“Yes, my love.  This means that we are most definitely a ‘thing’.”

And so it was decided.


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