And then shit went down, big time.

Everybody had gone crazy recently, or so it seemed, and all at once, out of the blue.  Or was it out of the blue?  Had Ana just been so out of touch with everything and everyone that she had been deaf and blind to what had been going on around her?

All she could gather was that some girl named Lylah, who she’d never even laid eyes on, had kidnapped, or been accused of kidnapping Celestyanna, torturing her and using her as some kind of blackmail against Haaron.  Whoever this girl was or whatever she had been accused of doing, there was no solid evidence, and as one of the Order, she would not be turned over to Haaron, no matter what her demands, no matter what threats she issued.  It didn’t work that way.  And so when the priest didn’t get what she wanted, she’d had Tarcanus kidnapped.

It would have been laughable, all of it, had Ana not been so angry about it all.  She’d had somebody send word to her husband, but he’d not come, not quickly enough anyway, and had he, well, then it would have been all over already.  Tarcanus was returned, a little shaken, understandably, but intact and perfectly well otherwise.

The thing that had irked Ana the most had been Felano’s part in it all.  He had been with that woman, Haaron, standing between her and the rest of them like some kind of meat shield, and she’d never been so incensed in a long, long time.  The nerve!  How dare he come face to face with the Order that he had walked away from all of those weeks ago and protect somebody who threatened not just one of their number, but by extension, all of them.

Felano letter 1

Although the two of them had been far from close, the sense of betrayal that Ana carried away with her that day was immense.  Until she’d received the letter, and although she’d balled it up and tossed it aside as soon as it had been read, he must have had a reason, a damn good one for even playing a part in the fiasco as it unfolded and she would find out what it was, if for no other reason than to ease her own mind.


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