A Proposal

“I want you with me, every day of forever.”

“That isn’t the first time you have used that word with me, you know, forever”had been her response, cheeky grin engaged, her teasing of him lighthearted, and he’d become a little more animated the next time he’d spoken, his cheeks even turning pink in the way that they did sometimes when they talked of such things.

And it never ceased to amaze Ana how this man made her feel when he reacted or in fact acted in certain ways in her company, in ways that he reserved for her and only her and she’d known it already but not with as much certainty as she did at that moment that there would be no other for her.  There was no other before him, and from this moment forward, it would be only him.

“Isn’t it the most remarkable and wonderful thing to promise oneself to another in the way that we have?”  He’d asked her, and there had been more words that followed, and she’d held her palms to his cheeks and kept quiet until he was done and looking at her expectantly, blinking, his face flushed, but his expression serious.

“Tindomiel, I am crazy about you, you silly man!  It matters not to me whether it has been weeks or even days.  I have never been happier than I am right now.”

“Then, will you?  Will you marry me?”

“Yes. A thousand times, yes.”


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