A letter: To Tarcanus Frostbourne


Ana didn’t even look away from the window when she heard the knock on the door. It would be the girl, Maiija, bringing her some more mail or news from the city as she did on a daily basis, and Ana would nod, thank her without looking at her and continue to stare out at the dark corners of the forest as if they held something of so much fascination that her attention could literally not be diverted. But this evening it was her sisters voice she heard.

“Ana, you’re going to have to come out of this room eventually, “she spoke gently, and softly, to which Ana did look at her then and simply nodded.

She handed her a letter, and Ana looked at it curiously. It was from Tarcanus Frostbourne. Surely nothing could be wrong, could it?  She unfolded the letter to read it and her sister gave her a small smile and a nod. “I will leave you alone with that, “and turned to leave.

She took out a piece of paper and a quill and penned an immediate response.


Thank you for keeping me informed of the Order business, as always. Although I did request time to myself and some respite from the daily goings on, I can assure you that it is never a bother to hear from you if and when it is needed. And on that note, I do apologize for being anything less than 100% present at the current time, but honestly I am no use to anybody until current matters are resolved or at least dealt with in such a way so that I may be effective to the best of my abilities in the position you have seen fit to place me in.

I was honored, and still am, that you chose me to be a prelate of the Order, and again, can assure you that once these very pressing personal matters have been attended to that I will continue to be as faithful a servant to you and to this group of family, friends and like-minded individuals that I feel very much privileged to be a part of.

It is unusual, that so much has occurred in such a seemingly short amount of time, but such is the way this life works sometimes, I suppose. It is said or believed by some that everything happens for a reason; and while I am certainly no longer closer to understanding this sentiment, I do believe that there was at least a reason for meeting you that day in Silvermoon. It was to give me a new direction and purpose as a small part of something that exists for the larger greater good, and I could never and don’t intend to ever walk away from that.

Thank you, Tarcanus. I will see you soon.

~Anaveya Singsorrow.


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