A Letter: To Felano Glacierwind

quill and parchment

Dear Felano,

I hope this letter finds you well, or at least as well as can be expected.  I know that you, like myself, have been through, and are no doubt going through some trying times, and I feel like it is time to extend the means for some type of communication.  No, this does not mean that I am ready to leave the estate, nor does it mean that I am ready to have that conversation that you alluded to that night in the inn when Cath and Tyr were present.

To be honest, I may never be ready for that, but at the very least, I can offer this.  A friendship, one which you have tried to hold on to and one which I have actively kept at an arms length.  Realize this, it is not personal, at least not entirely, and wasn’t intended to be.

These past few months have been more than trying, and in finding the things I didn’t know I had been looking for and having them as swiftly ripped away from me, I’m not doing well.  That is the honest truth.  I push away my friends, even my own sister, and it is through fear, nothing else.  For the more people you allow close, the more you stand to lose.  I know that you can understand that.

Perhaps, some time in the coming days, or weeks, it might be advantageous to meet, even if for a short time.




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